85% Pure Mānuka Monofloral Honey 17.85oz

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The King of the Manuka range, our 85% Manuka Honey gives you delicious caramel and malt flavors with the highest nutritional benefit.

The 85+ indicates the jar contains 85% Mānuka pollen or more. The exact percentage can be found on the back of the jar.

Mānuka is unique to New Zealand and has been revered for generations for its healing, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties. Containing over 20 natural sugars.

Provides daily support, aids in digestive and gut health soothes coughs and sore throats, and is a natural energy booster.

All Airborne Mānuka Honey is independently tested to meet or exceed the manuka standard set by the New Zealand Government's Ministry of Primary Industries - the world's only government-regulated and approved standard for Manuka Honey.

Free from antibiotics, glyphosate, and pesticides.


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